About us

Some customers come to Interlashing for a specific service, but we can alos make life a little easier for you with a combination of services.

Customers involved with the transport sector often need to call on a number of different parties just to get a consignment from A to B. Working with Interlashing can make your logistical chain shorter and more economical, as we have everything required to secure your load for transport in house.

Since 2006 Interlashing has been offering an extensive range of services relating to the relating to the seaworthy securing of cargo from our base in the port of Vlissingen. Our primary operational areas are in the Dutch and Belgian seaports, but of course we are happy to go wherever the work takes us.

Our professionally trained and highly flexible workforce of more than 30 employees stand ready around the clock to ensure the success of every project. Targeted training, toolbox talks and safety liaison, pre-operational and evaluation meetings are just some of the tools we find indispensable in guaranteeing the quality of our services.