Proper lashing and securing is essential if your valuable cargo has to travel safely from port A to port B, and this is something only a highly professional lashing crew can achieve.

We can handle conventional mixed goods and breakbulk, including steel products like steel plate, coils, steel profile and steel wire as well as general cargo like crates, boxes, cars, buses, lorries, yachts, machinery, transformers etc. We can also secure cargo shipped in containers rather than in breakbulk form, both in sealed units and on flat racks.

Our staff are specialists in the securing of loads, and they carry out their work in full compliance with the applicable regulations, IMO standards and your own instructions.

We use a wide range of materials to secure loads, depending on the nature of the cargo and in consultation with the client and the ship's master. The huge stock of gear we hold allows us to select between chains (breaking strains up to 20 tonnes), tie-down straps (breaking strains up to 10 tonnes), airbags, steel wire (up to 26 mm diameter), ropes, D-rings, twistlocks, bridge fittings and container rods.

We also make much use of timber, for example placing dunnage between items to prevent the cargo sliding. Where timber products are used, it is important to know the destination of the vessel: there are a number of destinations which require all timber to be treated to eliminate any vermin (ISMP 15).