Correct packing and packaging is a crucial element of the process of transporting goods. Interlashing will ensure that the packaging of your goods is seaworthy, weatherproof and also stackable, saving valuable space in containers and ship's holds.

We fabricate skids, crates and boxes complying with the various SEI standards, including aluminium vacuum packaging, desiccants and foils. We manufacture skids chests and crates in high quality timber or sheet materials, always in full compliance with the applicable standards and bearing the necessary stamps and certificates.

All floors, walls and lids are manufactured in our own workshops and brought to site, where our experienced team will complete the construction.

Interlashing's activities also include packaging and protection using plastic shrink film, providing your goods with high-quality temporary or permanent protection.

We are also experienced in the stuffing of containers and flat racks, activities we carry out at ports and also at our customer's industrial sites and factories. Customers rely on our long experience in this field: we guarantee that your goods will be handled with the utmost care, so that they arrive at their destination safe and sound.