Interlashing can handle the full range of welding work required to safely secure cargoes on board. That also includes the removal of welding eyes and stoppers once the cargo has been unloaded.

We hold LMK welding methodology certification, demonstrating that we have the specialised knowledge required to weld the various attachments required by our customers, your guarantee that the welded constructions satisfy the most demanding requirements and standards.

Welding of D-rings (tie-down rings)

Where no suitable tie-down points are available on deck or in the ship's hold, additional folding lashing rings are welded, allowing lashings to be applied quickly and efficiently to make the cargo seaworthy.

Welding of brackets (stoppers) and beams (I profiles)

Brackets and beams in a range of types and dimensions are used to secure the cargo. This technique is primarily used to secure very heavy items, the brackets and beams acting to prevent the slippage of the cargo. As an alternative to stoppers we also fabricate and attach so-called "clips", steel plates with a cut-out allowing them to be welded in place over the base of the heavy item to prevent both slippage and toppling.


Welded-on items are removed from the decks and holds of ships and barges by means of cutting, gouging and grinding, so that the vessel can be returned to the owners in its original condition.